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What We Do... 

We are a group of experienced and local real estate professionals committed to quickly fulfilling our clients' needs, while making the process as simple and hassle free as possible.

We will buy your property in any condition

From Tear down ugly to new and anywhere in between. Don't worry about cleaning it up or even emptying it. We will handle it.

  • Realtor unable to sell your property?
  • House worth less than you owe?
  • Behind on payments (or about to be)?
  • Simply want out from underneath the payments?
  • Facing Foreclosure?
  • Divorce or separation?
  • Moving or relocating?
  • Purchased another property and still stuck with your old one? 
  • Bankruptcy?
  • Inherited a property and want to turn it into cash?
  • Too many landlord headaches?
  • Job loss?
  • Illness or death?
  • No situation at all, just want to sell?

Services don't just stop with single family houses

We buy any type of property including multi unit apartments and commercial properties. 

But please, we can't help you unless you contact us today for your free and confidential consultation. We will help you explore all of your options and help you determine the best solution for your specific situation. And if we can't help you immediately, we will always point you in the direction that will be the most beneficial to you! That's a promise. 

use the form and submit your contact information, or call us as soon as possible at 1-844-reiminc (1-844-734-6462).

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